Hervé Dubreil

The Months… The Quarters… The year
                           … Life which passes

Each canvas is the representation of one month in the year. Twelve months, twelve pictures. The twelve canvas compose themselves one with the other and so on until forming a continuous circle. Each picture has its own identity while recreating a new picture with that which precedes it or that which follows it and this all along the circle.
It is a new work in its design and its realization.
The whole of these twelve months is supplemented by the addition of four canvas representing the quarters. These last ones are carried out individually, without relation with the others.
The unit is closed by a large canvas representing the year in its totality.

Some words of the artist:

The composition “in loop” wants to express life in its inescapable course.
This is done by the successive appearance of the seasons, unceasingly dying and reappearing. The represented characters are voluntarily static, because the human being only assists, impotent, without being able to intervene in some way that it is on the projection of time. Laid out tightened the ones on the others in winter they are increasingly present at the arrival of the sunny days.
It was important, while respecting the identity of each month, to present an unfolding of those without clash nor brutality, continuity being one of the major difficulties of this work.

"Oil is the master, a magician in colors and composition. The work of glacis is masterly, until obliging the eye to carve the canvas, to go down in their transparencies, in the nuances which make the richness of our seasons. The painter was made "glass Master". He , has sculpted its transparency and one goes down in apnea in castings of time, until hearing Haydn, Vivaldi, Tchaikowski and their seasons so brilliantly painted in music".

Robert Inard d'Argence - Nice Matin - september, 12th 1999

Technical notes :

Oils on canvas.
The Months : 12 - 80/80 cm
The Quarters : 4 - 130/97 cm
The Year: 1 - 195/130 cm

Note : video tape or DVD available by the artist's, on order.

See the canvas separately, the whole 12 continuous canvas, the Quarters, The Year.

Click here to ici download the video compressed with .wmv format (readable with Windows Media Player) : 18Mo


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