Hervé Dubreil

Herve Dubreil may define himself as a figurative painter. He has matured and modified his pictorial expression during a three years work, inspired by jazz music, on about sixty works of abstract tendency (exposed at the Vasarely Foundation, during winter 1993).

This experiment of non figuration has lead him to detach himself from the surface of the subject and to learn how to perceive the "inside of it".

The painter tries to express the inside, to present the essence: he saves on representation, he uses the intensity and diversity of tones and materials, like a "call to the one who’s looking".

He gives some keys - the profile of a village, silhouettes of characters - then suggests to each one to make his own way, letting oneself be guided by emotion.

Contact :
Hervé Dubreil
Les Batarins

- France
Tel : 00 33 4 92 75 63 15

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